There are numerous scrum board options out there. But for me, they all lack the comfortable writing and collaboration environment that I expect. Then there's evernote, collaboration/sharing to the fullest, yet needs some work and method to be used in a scrum team. That's where AgileNote comes in.

How It Works?

That's easy! First, you log in.

Login with Evernote

You add your board structure as notebooks.

In your first notebook, create an empty note with tag "agilenote". In couple minutes you'll have your board ready!

Now it's all yours! Share, customize your method as you see fit. Each notebook serves as a column. Each note is a task that you can do whatever you want with. This gives you much more flexibility on what the task contains, compared to conventional management tools. Attach what you want, edit how you want. Share with you teams

Got Feedback? Reach out!

This proect is no longer active and not maintained due to lack of interest and this becoming a bigger maintenance job than I anticipated. If you want to contribute, take over, or you're interested in, please reach out.